Our plots for anarchy and little’s dominating the worlds have been put on a slower pace than expected, due to unforeseen issues such as stuffies not ready for battle and some of us have bedtimes (one of the many reasons for revolt) 

more news to come

Mommy saw the news and shook her head sadly. 

They know

They know we is attack

THEY KNOW?! HOW DO THEY KNOW?! There must be an informant among us!!!!


Oh my god yesssss

"There is no shame in being hungry for another person. There is no shame in wanting very much to share your life with somebody."

   — Augusten Burroughs (via perfect)

(Source: mycontinuum)

Sometime I feel like salt water, as if I am floating on the sea. At some point my body no longer feels like mine. When I don’t feel like I am drowning in myself I forget how to just be. My muscles twitch in anticipation for the fight against the tide. My heart remembers breaking like a reflex and my lungs often forget air. Sometimes I miss drowning when floating takes so much out of me. I wonder if I enjoy drowning or just forget I can do anything else. Is there anything else, besides drowning and floating?


my friend explained what her relationship was like and asked me to put it into a poem and this is the best i had